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we want to find out how green the #fediverse is!

we will make a collective research about which instances are running with #renewableenergy.
swarm-intelligence! haha! 💪 💚
we start with the 318 most active mastodon-instances.

everyone can participate! take a look at:

otherwise, boost!
#fediverseforfuture #greenfediverse

Framacalc - tableur collaboratif en ligne

Framacalc - tableur collaboratif en ligne

what do you think about if there is an option on every main-instance page where #mastoadmins have the possibility to indicate voluntarily if the server runs with #renewableenergy ?
users could see if the instance is running green!
but it would also mean that there is no certification-system - no proof.

under the hashtag #greenfediverse 🌱 everyone here is invited to take part in a discussion how we can participate in a fediverse where the server-infrastructure run on #renewableenergy
also #solarpunk thinkers are very welcome!

in the last discussons we
@el_joa @gerhardbeck @attac_hl
@ckeen @hambach18
had a lot of ideas but also problems to solve.

join here, spread the word and take action!

let us built a green #fediverse infrastructure ! 💚🌱🌻
the first dezentralized green network on this planet!
ask your instance-admin if their servers run with #renewableenergy
if not, ask them gently to switch to another green-energy-provider.
help them how to do it if they don't know - if it's the case, help them fund the more costs.
if they already run green, ask them to make it public on their main instance-website, so everyone can see!

boost it till every instance changed to green 💚💚💚

how great would it be if every #instance of the #fediverse would run on 100% #renewableenergy !