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Does anyone know a way to get my personal #mastodon timeline as a #rss feed?
I don't mean my toots, but all the toots of everyone I follow together.
That would be awesome to use a #rss reader as read-only client.
what i do is to put all the account-adresses i want to follow (with an .rss, or .atom) under one category into my tinytinyrss reader. so, if i would follow you, your rss-adress would be:
(its only read) ;)

@moagee Yeah, that sounds like the most feasible way. Maybe I find a way to export the feeds from my mastodon followes automatically.

Are there like/boost links in the displayed feed? Does it show pictures and videos? What about users from non mastodon instances?

Sorry for asking, but I have no RSS reader setup right now.

yes it will show pictures and videos (with .atom yes, .rss i can't say) yes, boosts also, and for example the last answer you send me here ;)

and if you want to follow other users outside the fediverse it depends on if rss is implemented.
if its a twitter-user you can use a rss-bridge to generate the rss-adress
i use this one: