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I'm tempted to buy a server and serve my website, #mastodon #pixelfed and #peertube from home. I mostly need hard drive space and extending it on Digital Ocean is extremely expensive. In contrast spin disks are extremely cheap.

One drawback is the changing IP address, but I'm using duckdns and point a subdomain via CNAME to it for HomeAssistant already and I never had problems with accessing it.

Another is that servers tend to be fairly loud.


Note #1021 -

Note #1021 -
Don't forget power costs. My home-server uses 10-15€ per month in elecricity bills...

@tercean Right now I'm hosting HomeAssistant on a NUC which takes 15 W. I'm guessing that if I want to serve my website, mastodon, pixelfed, peertube and perhaps other things in the future I'd want something which also runs with a mobile CPU like the NUC, just newer and faster and in a different case so I can build in hard drives, etc. inside of it. But yes, I'll need to calculate the costs for all of that.

@jeena I use a low power Xeon D board, but the spinning rust is eating power… every single disk adds about 5W consumption